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GEE has an extensive line of energy-efficient products to save money from lighting, through refrigeration and controls to motors.

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GEE offers a range of services that will lower energy costs, while reducing the ecological footprint of your business.


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Why Choose Global Energy Efficiency?


Global Energy Efficiency is the pioneer in bringing Energy Solutions to Small Business, Independent Supermarket Owners & Chains in the Greater New York Area.


We are the Leaders in Energy-Efficiency Solutions for the small-businesses and independent supermarket owner. Top Producer Market Partner in New York’s SBDI and C& I programs with most kWh saved and most projects. GEE has provided energy-efficient solutions for over 2,000 clients in the NorthEast, helping reduce energy consumption by tens of Giga-Watt/hours!


You’ve been paying to receive this benefits through the System Benefit Charge (SBC) Charges in your utility bill. We are ‘Market-Partners’ in most Incentives Programs in the region and we work for you to procure the best incentives available from Utilities & State programs. Tax exemption are also available through the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) for Energy-Efficiency projects, consult your tax advisor.


We provide a Complete Turn-key solution, including: Survey, Engineering & Procurement, in addition to Quality Products, Project Management, Installation & Service.


GEE has helped save Tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere through energy-efficient measures. Efficiency is the first defense, considered itself an energy resource cheaper than any other we are fighting climate change in its origins for a sustainable future…


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Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Energy Efficiency Program

Con Edison wants to help Commercial & Industrial customers save energy, money, and protect the environment. To be eligible to participate in the Con Edison C&I Rebate Energy Efficiency Program and receive cash incentives, your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a commercial or industrial electric or gas customer of Con Edison. Pay the systems benefit charge (SBC).
  • Have not received an incentive from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) or others for the same project.
  • Install qualified equipment or make qualified energy efficiency upgrades at a project site located in the Con Edison service territory.


Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) Energy Efficiency Program

Small businesses, religious facilities, educational facilities and other not-for-profit customers in New York City and Westchester County are eligible. To qualify, your facility must have an average peak monthly electric demand of 100 kW or less. You can find your peak monthly electricity demand on your Con Edison electric bill….

Con Edison’s Critical Peak (CPRP) Rebate Program

CPRP pays eligible business customers $1.50 per kWh to temporarily cut back energy use during high demand periods in order to reduce peak-day generator emissions, delay installation of costly utility equipment, and reduce the purchase of expensive peak-day energy.

Global Energy Efficiency Partners* with several State & Utility Programs, including NYSERDA, Con-Edison, Lockheed Martin & Willdan amongst others.


The Con Edison Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Energy Efficiency Program Market Partner Network provides a listing of experienced energy efficiency contractors, distributors and other professionals. Market Partners are trained to provide technical support to commercial and industrial customers for the installation of energy efficient equipment and can assist with the application process. Prior to being listed on the C&I Web site, all Market Partners are pre-approved. We continually update our Market Partner Network. Customers can use any vendor they choose and are not required to use a Market Partner to participate in the program.


New York’s system benefits charge (SBC), established in 1996 by the New York Public Service Commission (PSC), supports energy efficiency, education and outreach, research and development, and low-income energy assistance. To support the SBC program, the state’s six investor-owned electric utilities collect funds from customers through a surcharge on customers’ bills. The SBC program is administered by NYSERDA and funds numerous programs to improve the state’s transmission and distribution infrastructure. The program goals include improving system-wide reliability and increasing peak-electricity reductions through end-user efficiency actions; improving energy efficiency and access to energy options for under-served customers; reducing the environmental impacts of energy production and use; and facilitating competition in electricity markets to benefit end-users…